три nasce nel 2013 con una capsule collection di felpe stampate.
Da sempre attento all’ ecologico, il brand sviluppa successivamente una collezione “outwear" di Eco Pellicce.
Keyword per la prossima SS 2016 è “DENIM”. Quello che da sempre viene considerato come uno dei tessuti più popolari e aged della storia del costume si appropria di un nuovo carattere: sfrangiati, oversized, patchwork o total look.
Un easy to wear che diventa “must” per qualsiasi tipologia di donna. Per chi non guarda ma osserva, chi non sente ma ascolta, per chi viaggia, chi vive la città. Per chi ama i film di Wes Anderson e i libri di Kerouak; per chi è sempre spettinato, per chi è sempre un giorno indietro.
три - First Write Up / Laura Tassielli is an italian fashion designer, who studied Fashion Science and Technologies in Bari. She moved to Milan for her masters program in Accademina del Lusso, where she also interned as an assistant for Amelianna Loiacono, a famous sylist during her masters program. Laura created the Ecofur brand Oui, Odile in 2013, which was her first project. She then developed a new brand called TPN with her sister, who equally has a high passion for fashion and the environment. TPN specializes in ready to ware fashion that is designed based on a high respect for environmental policies. TPN designs can be found in many shops around the globe, including stores in France, Turkey, Greece, Russia, China and Kuwait. TPN’s co-owner, Anna Poola graduated in fashion design from led in Milan, her experience includes being an assistant for editorial stylists. She also did some cool hunting works for designers in the past. She co-founded the TPN brand because of her interest in fabrics research and knitwear design.

три -Second Write Up / Laura and Anna Poola, two young and creative designer sisters with a passion for fashion, founded TPN in 2013. TPN was conceived as a fusion between design and glamour, its roots are deep in eco friendly fabrics. TPN’s collections are heavily based on innovations and contemporary methods of design. Their first collection in 2013 was of printed sweatshirts; subsequent collection after that of ecological furs based on the founders’ deep respect for animals. The face of SS2016 season was all DENIM, transforming one of the most popular and aged fabrics in fashion history to being free, fun and cool. The new characteristics of TPN’s urban flavor are frayed, oversized denims with patches and comfortable fitting. FW 16/17 collection is quite “childish” with its pastel-palette, jungle coat, glitter texture, chenille total look, denim Parka and jumpsuit, toy-bgs and funny furs. Lace shirts, frayed and deconstructed denim characterize the SS17 collection. FW 17/18 is all about knitwear, fur coats, winter jackets and corduroy. Lastly, SS 2018 expresses a new concept for women, who love to wear rouches tops, destroyed denims, net skirts and stripe dresses.